It’s that time of year again, when you walk in the grocery store and are bombarded by pumpkins, candy corn and skeletons.

We know, we know, you’re not ready! But, we’re trying to get ready.

Every year kids collect more candy than they know what to do with. We know many parents aren’t keen on the idea of all that sugar, so we’re here to help.

This year, we’re buying your kids Halloween Candy back!

On November 1, 2012 from 3pm – 7pm, every kid under 12 is welcome to bring their candy and swap it for $1 per pound (up to 5 lbs per child). The goodies will be collected and shipped to Operation Gratitude, which makes care packages for our troops overseas.

Please feel free to RSVP to our event on Facebook to receive an extra gift at the swap!