Those of us in the dental industry know we’re not your favorite place to be. In fact, there’s probably lots of other things you want to do before you come in here.

We not only know this, we understand and try to help with this.

Many people fear or hate the dentist. We accept this and want you to know it’s OK. We don’t judge you for it. We would like the chance to sit down with you and talk about what your concerns are.

We’ve had a number of patients tell us they were afraid of the dentist until they came to our office. We are extremely happy to hear this. We want you to come in, we want you to take care of your oral health, and we want you to be as relaxed as possible.

We offer conscious sedation to help ease the anxiety that comes with dental work. We have relaxing neck wraps and blankets to make sure you’re more comfortable while we work.

However worried you are, know there’s been a patient just like you in the chair before. Both Dr. Dorny and Dr. Sampson are patient and accommodating and they do their best to alleviate any fears. Call us or make an appointment to see how we can work with you.