This is the time of year we think about pumpkins and costumes and candy corn. But, while you think about fun autumn activities, we also want you to think about your dental health.

October is dental hygiene month.



Next time you come in, please let Jessica or Dr. Carter know if you have any questions about taking care of your smile. We’d love to go over your toothbrush / toothpaste options as well as share the benefits of fluoride treatments or other preventive options.


You may see new faces next time you visit Salt Lake Dental.

We’ve added some new people to our team, and they can’t wait to meet you.

When you’re in, you’ll meet Dr. Carter, who’s always ready with concern and care. You’ll meet Shaye, our new dental assistant, who works hard to make sure you’re comfortable. You might also meet Jessica, our new hygienist, and her smile is sure to bring out one of your own!

We know you’ll make them feel welcome as part of our Salt Lake Dental family!


We’ve been talking to a lot of brides-to-be lately, and we get excited when wedding talk comes around.

If you’re getting married, we would love to see you have the whitest smile possible when you walk down the aisle. We know how you look in photos is a big concern, and we want to help. Also, make sure to take advantage of our spa extras when you come in, because we know planning that event can stress you out!

Also, if you’re a patient of record, talk to us about take home bleach trays. We’d love to take care of this for you, at no cost*, to help make your wedding the wedding of your dreams. We’d also love to take before and after photos for our bridal whitening contest!

We offer in office whitening if you’re in the crunch time before the day, and don’t have time to whiten at home. Ask us about a discounted rate* for the bride and her wedding party.

*Just one catch, make sure we get to see your wedding photos!


Your mom was probably the one who taught you to brush your teeth. She probably reminded you to floss and we know she prompted you, on many occasions, to smile for the camera. We want to thank those moms for helping us with our smiles by helping them with theirs.

Call us at 801-487-0760 to purchase custom whitening trays for your mom, we’ll be happy to get you a gift certificate that you can email or wrap and give to her!

You might wonder what products we offer here at Salt Lake Dental.

We can offer you the Biotene line of products if you’re experiencing xerostomia (dry mouth). We offer Closys to those with specific concerns like bad breath or sulfate allergies. We offer electric toothbrushes from Oral-B and Sonicare; and also those replacement brush heads you keep forgetting to pick up!

We can fit you with a night guard if you are grinding or clenching your teeth at night, we’ll evaluate you during your next exam for this device. If you’re interested in whitening, we have options, from custom fitted trays you wear at your convenience, to in-office procedures.

Talk to your dentist or hygienist about the products that are currently working for you and what things you want to try in the future. We’re happy to offer our opinions and feedback about the oral and dental care offerings!

As Easter approaches, you may be wondering how to avoid all the sugared treats we usually stuff baskets with. Jelly beans, chocolate and marshmallow chicks can all be good in moderation, but when paired with other goodies, make for a holiday that is easier on your little one’s teeth!

Healthier-Easter-Basket-Ideas banner

Trying to stick to the theme of the day? Swap chocolate or marshmallow bunnies for packages of bunny grahams or fruit snacks.

Many grocers carry the small, individual serving bags of baby carrots, and this is a great addition to your child’s Easter basket. They can eat just like the bunny!

Find some things that focus on the upcoming spring weather. Jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and sunglasses can all be enjoyed as the temperatures rise in the next few weeks.

Crayons, markers, stickers, paint and other crafty items are also prized by small kids, see if you can find a themed coloring book.

Legos, mini cars, doll accessories and many other toys are small enough to put inside plastic fill-able eggs. It’s fun discovering the different treasures inside them. Small books to read can be a nice way to wind down after all the excitement of an Easter egg hunt!

Or, you could go retro and share one of your favorite childhood toys with your kids, like Silly Putty or a Slinky.

With a little creative stuffing, those baskets won’t need much candy, and we bet your kids won’t even miss it.

A lot of patients ask our staff here at Salt Lake Dental which are the best toothpastes for whitening, sensitivity and so on. There’s a lot of information out there, and our dental hygienist, Stacy is happy to help direct you to some of your options.

We even have a number of samples of different brands and formulations for you to try, ask us what is available at your next cleaning appointment, or the next time you see the dentist!

Until you can speak with her, feel free to review some online articles about toothpaste and reply here or email us with questions!

If you’re a mom-to-be or looking to conceive soon, we urge you to come in and get a cleaning and checkup. A lot of women avoid the dentist while pregnant, but out of unnecessary worry or old wives tales.

In fact, it can be a good idea to come in if you’re expecting or expecting to be expecting soon.

Take the quiz.

This week, March 3 – 9 2013 is Dental Assistant Recognition Week.

We would like to celebrate by making our dental assistant, Becky, feel appreciated.

You may think this is a minor role in our office, but Becky is essential to making Salt Lake Dental run smoothly. From the minute she walks in every morning, she’s setting up rooms, ensuring that the doctor has needed supplies when you’re in the chair. This means your visit with be efficient, which means we won’t waste your time.

She is a great resource, educating herself and in turn, her patients about their dental and oral health. If you have a question, ask your dental assistant! 

She is also the person helping you to be more comfortable while you’re here. Anything you need, ask your dental assistant! 

Please help us recognize our assistant as an important part of our team!

March started out nice here in Salt Lake City, and we’re hoping it continues. Our staff was excited to get the month started after visiting the Utah dental convention held downtown at the Salt Palace.

girls at convention

They spent time learning about new techniques in hygiene and assisting, as well as how to make YOUR experience better. Give us a chance to show you how well we take care of our patients.

We’re enjoying this month so far, and the warmer weather. We especially enjoy the Utah mountains as the sun comes up when we start our days early at 7:00 am. Do you prefer this early time for your cleaning and checkup? If so, call us soon, because these appointments are going fast!

We also have some appointments left if you’re looking to get your children in during their spring break from school later this month and in early April. Call us today to get booked!